This article talks about a   List Of Ramsar Sites In India   and Indian Wetlands With Map for UPSC The topic, ‘Ramsar Sites of India’ is important for the upcoming  UPSC IAS Exam . Hence, candidates should read about Ramsar Sites in India and the Ramsar Convention for UPSC preparation. Read on to get the relevant facts about Ramsar Sites and the list of Ramsar Sites. Ramsar Convention on Wetlands The term was coined when the  International Treaty for the Conservation and Sustainable use of Wetlands  was signed at a  city of Iran called Ramsar in 1971. It is also known as the  Convention on Wetlands . Ramsar Convention is a convention on wetlands that was signed in 1971  in the  Iranian city of Ramsar.  The negotiations for the convention started in the 1960s by the different countries and NGOs for the protection of wetland habitats of migratory waterbirds. Finally, it came into force in 1975. February 2 is celebrated as International Wetlands Day  as the Ramsar Convention was signed
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